Transport Luis Tortosa

Our future is linked to our customers

Together we run the path to success, we have built bridges of confidence with our customers which allow them to be involved in our steadfast commitment to offering a huge quality service. So that’s the reason why we are still keeping our most valuable asset; your trust…, and we are convinced that being faithful to our company philosophy values, we can every day earn the trust of much more customers and opening up together new avenues, because they are and they will be the main reason of our best endeavors and efforts.


Meet the demands of our customers and exceed our customers’ expectations by a quality, a competitive, an economical efficient and an environmentally friendly transport service.


To become the leading company in Spain in the field of innovation, going hand in hand with the current world dynamism and new business trends.


Customer service, teamwork, commitment, flexibility, respect, innovation, professionalism and proactivity.


After many years of evolution and sustained effort, the company has a bespoke I.T system, which controls and manages the daily needs of a transport company; digital bar coding for every individual package, invoicing, tracking and delivery.

At the present time the company has its own fleet, of nearly one hundred vehicles, with average age being less than 2,3 years. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS (Global positioning system) which allows us to control cartographically, in real time from our head office each and every movement made by our vehicles. This technology also allows us to monitor driving hours and rest periods. This advanced satellite planning system facilitates the management of the fleet and optimizes every vehicle’s movements.


Our future is intrinsically linked to that of our clients. Together we are moving towards the future and certain success, this is made possible by the mutual understanding with are customers, which shows that we are commitment to our common future. Gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers is a daily goal, in to which we put all our determination and strength.


The confidence and devotion of the members of the team, have made their personal y professional development possible. At this time the team is made up of more than a hundred professionals.

The transport department ( national, international and commercial) has 10 people that provide services to the fleet and our clients.The administration department has 11 members and is comprised of , transport administration, personnel, accounts, invoicing, quality control, credit control, accident response and complaints.11 highly qualified mechanics form part of the garage team, with our drivers making up the rest of the workforce.All of our professionals form part of a young highly trained team with the strength, to look towards the future with optimism.